What to Remember When Attending Commercial Property Auctions

commercial-property-auctionsAttending commercial property auctions soon? Great! You’re in for a few thrills and if you’re lucky a treat too in the form of a worthwhile purchase. But just as much as these things are fun and potentially rewarding, a smart investor knows how to both prepare and to keep their guard. Do you want to be like them? If so, these reminders should come in handy.

1.    Make it a point to validate and double check. As is with any selling event, agents, owners and sellers at property auctions want a sale and thus the presence of sales talk. You need to remember that authenticating facts is a must to ensure that the asset you are buying is indeed worth every penny and is what they say it is. Take things with a grain of salt. Do not be fully trusting. Check the ownership validity. See if there are any liens or encumbrances on it. Have it pre-surveyed.
2.    Withhold information and keep your cards away from view.  Sellers and agents who are auctioning off assets will want to know how much you are willing to pay for and which assets you’re eyeing. They can use this against you and require a higher opening bid. At the same time, co-bidders will always be curious knowing that you may have found a gem at the commercial property auction.
3.    Dress appropriately, neither extravagant nor below par. Doing so will not only make you feel more confident but it should allow other bidders and even sellers to take you more seriously. Just don’t overdo it. We don’t want people assuming you’re swimming in cash, even if you are.
4.    Have your finances ready beforehand. See to it that you have your funds sorted out and all. When you bid, be sure that you can come up with the means to provide for the payment. Oftentimes, a security deposit will be required to participate. Plus, the winning bidder will often have to provide a down payment upfront.
5.    Set a limit and stick to it. Contrary to a mathematical equation, yes the limit exists and it’s crucial when participating in commercial property auctions. You need to have a maximum spending amount or else all hell will break loose. You need to act wisely and with that comes the need to conform to your budget and available finances. Head above your heart, remember?

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Mistakes in Buying an Investment Property for Sale UK

Investment-PropertyAs humans, we’re no ignorant to mistakes but this does not mean that we can simply allow them to happen. Perfection may not be a thing in this world but nobody said that it’s impossible to get close to it. Mistakes are detrimental and most often than not financially burdensome. This is especially true when we talk about an investment property for sale UK.

Imagine getting things all wrong. That would be a financial nightmare you won’t be able to wake up from. But believe it or not, people still commit many mistakes and crimes against it. Curious? Here’s a list.

  • Not Validating Facts – Remember that sellers would want you to acquire from them so it’s not uncommon for them to exaggerate things, to go on some sales talk or to keep some information out of earshot, intentionally or not. But many buyers go ahead and believe every single detail on the listing and every word that comes out of a seller’s without checking and validating.  Plus, the law suggests lack of due diligence by the buyer is not a case for fraud.
  • Not Hiring a Surveyor – How do you validate facts and double check on the market value of the property? You hire a chartered property surveyor. This cannot be done alone by virtue of estimates and research especially if you’ve got no skill and training to boot. These calculations require more in depth data and an expert is the only one who can do this. These are simply one of those things you cannot DIY.
  • Neglecting Ongoing Costs – The property should not be a financial burden in the long run hence taking a tab and getting an estimate of ongoing costs, also known as repair and maintenance expenses, is a must. Some properties may appear affordable upfront but they’re too hefty in terms of this department so in the end, you’re at a loss.
  • Failure to Ready Finances – An investment property for sale UK is not going to be cheap. Sure some may be considered affordable but these assets still rake up and require huge amounts. Therefore, one has to be ready ahead of time. Remember that there are other investors who will want to take the asset for themselves. If your funds aren’t ready yet then someone else might take the asset before you do. Arrange your chosen financing ahead of time or suffer from an opportunity loss.

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Move Into Your UK Property Investment in a Jiffy with These Tricks

move-into-investment-propertyDon’t we all just have an issue with moving? There’s so much to do. You’ve got tons of boxes to sift through and the tasks never seem to end. It’s tough to say the least but it’s something we all have to go through and do. But how do other companies manage to move into their new UK property investment smoothly and real quick? What’s the sorcery? The tricks aren’t magical. In fact, they’re simple but at the same time smart and practical. Take a look.

TEAMWORK – Organize a team. This should be composed of key employees from every office department or division. They are assigned to oversee the whole process and ensure cooperation across the whole organization.

PREPARATION –Moving businesses does not occur regularly and not all of your employees are accustomed to one. Give them tips or provide a little seminar about the relocation. Besides, they’re bound to do their fair share of packing and sorting and moving. The more skilled and knowledgeable they are then the better.

INFORM – Inform everyone ahead of time and this includes all your staff and employees from bottom up. Communication is key in ensuring quick and effective relocations. Entrepreneurs need to remember that a business in transit is business at pause. The faster you finish then the better. To do so, you want full cooperation from everyone. Don’t inform them at the last minute. They would be of much better help if they know about it earlier, a year at least to be exact.

SEGREGATE – Remember how you segregate duties and responsibilities to various positions and employees? The same holds true when it comes to moving. What you do is list down all the tasks and then segregate them accordingly. No one can do everything all on their own. People have limitations and then there’s time constraint. It would be better to divide all tasks across all members in a manner that distributes the chores to people whose talents are required by the assignment.

LIST – Make an inventory of your items. If you know what items to move and how many there are then it would be easier for you to purchase the right supplies and plan on how to deal with them during the move. This also helps keep track of things and avoid anything from getting lost or misplaced. At the same time, make sure to label all boxes and equipment accordingly for this to work.

PROFESSIONALS – Hire professionals and in this case a qualified removal company. You can’t expect your employees to drop their jobs and pack. They will help but they can’t handle the majority of the move. Besides, they’re not experts at the field. A professional moving company can better help you move into your new UK property investment in a jiffy.

Where to Buy Retail Investments for Sale

retail-investments-for-saleRetail investments for sale are everywhere but finding the right one can prove to be quite a challenge. It all begins with where you look. After all, you can’t find the right investment if you’re looking at the wrong place. You need to cast your sails right.

But you don’t have to search any further because we’re here to help. Check out the following list and discover where you should buy retail investments for sale.

Where it’s crowded with people…

Or in business terms, where there is heavy foot traffic. The exposure that the asset gets will help in its primal purpose, that is sells goods and/or services. High foot traffic means that there are a good number of people that walk around o through the establishment and this includes current, new and prospect clients as well as passersby.

Where complementary establishments abound…

Your business will do better when it is situated in an area where complementary establishments abound. For instance, if you’re a party supplies shop complementary establishments include bakeshops and costume rentals. It generates an added market without having to be competitive. Its mutual nature helps the growth not only of your company but also of those surrounding yours.

Where assets appreciate over time…

Choose for retail investments for sale that grow in value not the other way around. A lot of factors can affect this such as location, neighboring properties as well as close proximity to main roads and transportation hubs among others. This ensures that your property does not zero out but instead have added value so that it can be sold or rented out for an income should you no longer have a purpose for it someday.

Where there’s bang for your buck…

This one is pretty much common sense but we included it in this list for reminder purposes. See to it that before you get retail investments for sale, you’ve already run a background check on them and did your fair share of research ahead of time. See to it that you compare and canvass too so you get the most value for your money.

Where transportation screams convenience…

Transportation has to be convenient as much as possible. It shouldn’t be hard to access to and from. Opt for retail investments for sale that are also equipped with adequate and spacious parking areas. You wouldn’t want your customers to have a hard time reaching your store. That would be a huge sales killer.

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Earning Profits from Commercial Investment Properties for Sale

commercial-investment-properties-for-saleIf you own a slew of commercial investment properties for sale then you’re definitely in it to win it. Why sell if you’re aim is to lose anyway? We all want profits and good returns and to do that, a lot has to be done. This ain’t a kid’s game after all. You need to walk the talk and by that we mean that you’ve got a lot of running to do.

So how do you earn profits by selling commercial assets? We’ll let you on some tricks of the trade.

  • Get ready and dress it up. – No one wants a bad property and we’ve been told time and again that first impressions count. So fix up the curb, the store windows and the exterior as much as you would the inside. Do the necessary repairs and upgrades.
  • Acknowledge your costs too. – Selling along with the aforementioned “prep efforts” have a price to them in the form of expenses. You need to put these into account when establishing your asking price.
  • Have them valued prior to sale. – There’s more to a commercial asset’s price tag than meets the eye. You can’t simply take out your expenses in buying and maintaining it plus your preferred return. You need to acknowledge its current market value too and to find out the digits you’ll need an expert to compute it.
  • Know your market. – Targeting your market will not only give you a competitive and promising return but it can also help pull those profits faster. You can’t sell to someone who’s not interested and even if you do, they won’t be up for the price unless it’s a haggle.
  • Establish marketing efforts. – You need to advertise well to catch the attention of interested parties. Print and digital marketing options abound. Know which ones you can tap and afford to maximize reach.
  • Set a limit to bargains. – Buyers and interested investors are likely to bargain and ask for a discount. You may say no to this but if you’re open for the possibility and you’re willing to adjust and negotiate, make sure that you put a plug. Set a maximum limit so you don’t get the bitter end.
  • Determine buyer credibility. – Check on the buyers of your commercial investment properties for sale too. See to it that they are creditworthy enough to be able to keep up with their end of the bargain. Ask for papers and all other requirements.


This is How to Budget for a Property Investment UK

investment-property-UKBuying a property investment UK is serious business. Not only will you have to tackle a lot of legal requirements, you’ll also be facing tons of real estate whatnots. Plus, let’s not forget about the financing. We all know that these purchases aren’t the cheapest. They need quite an amount and a significant one at that. This makes budgets all the more important.

Do you want to know how to properly budget for your next property investment? If yes then you better read on. We’ve asked the experts and here’s what they had to say.

Know your boundaries. – Limitations are best acknowledged at the onset. It would be futile to aim for a property which you have no means of acquiring. You’ll only end up in vain or in this case in debt. Knowing and setting your limits is important as you budget your resources.

Pinpoint your needs and non-negotiables. – What kind of asset do you need? What features and specifics do you require? Which among them can you forego and which must be present at all costs? You need to know because all these will have a bearing on the value of the assets you’ll be looking at and planning for.

Always assess expenses beforehand. – A budget is composed of what you have and what you will spend on. You need to know both because you’ll be matching the two. A guided assessment from a surveyor should help you with this.

Remember that timing is important. – Budgets should not only be composed of numbers. It should have dates as well. Keep in mind that your financial resources may not arrive and be available all at the same time. You have to keep track.

A record can save your day. – Put everything on paper. Record it because as much as our brains are powerful, you can’t expect it to remember every single detail of your budget. You’ll need a constant reminder. Plus, this makes it easier to communicate.

Allocate wisely and effectively. – As a rule of thumb, practice prudence. When in doubt, overstate your expenses and understate your available cash. Plus see to it that all costs and needs are allocated for.

Understand which financing goes where. – There are various types of financing for your property investment UK all of them unique in their own ways. A particular credit for example may not be used for a specific expenditure. Plus their availability or timing isn’t the same. This makes it important to understand which financing goes for what, when and where.


Why Are Assets Being Sold at Online Property Auctions

online-property-auctionAssets are referred to as items of property to which a value can be assigned and this includes real estate or fixed properties. Investors acquire the said assets in various ways and one of them is through online property auctions.

Auctions are public sales that involve a bidding process wherein the items at hand are sold to the highest and therefore winning bidder. It is a form of marketing and competitive trade that has become widely popular among buyers and sellers alike. This is because, it is possible for one to acquire an asset for lower than it would have been if it were bought right off the market.

1.    Settlement
There are cases when the heirs or benefactors of a certain asset could not come into agreements as to its partition and/or disposal. After all, properties cannot be physically divided unlike cash. To settle the estate once and for all and to govern an equal split, the asset is sold at an auction where its proceeds shall be divided and distributed to the heirs in accordance to their shares as mandated by the will or in its absence the court.
2.    Foreclosure
When a borrower defaults and fails to comply with the terms of their credit, lenders and creditors like banks and financial institutions can foreclose their property as part of the collateral. The lender now shall want to liquidate the asset in order to recover the amount that has been owed and unpaid. Auctions are a good avenue for them as they tend to make fast sales compared to the usual course of selling.
3.    Market

When the market and the economy are at a low and things are getting sluggish, investors and sellers will look for other means to initiate a sale. Auctions are one of their best options at this point. Since many buyers are interested and investors are looking, it gives them a wider audience allowing for a transaction.

Today, online property auctions are held both physically and digitally. With the former, a venue is set where interested participants are expected to personally come and bid. With the latter, things are done on a digital platform, that is via the internet and a computer. In both instances, the responsibilities and requirements are still the same. However, different auction houses and sites may have varying conditions and procedures so it is best to research and ask first before deciding to participate.

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